Biochemical Kinase Profiling and Screening

We offer an activity based kinase profiling and screening service. Our major assays platform is mobility shift assay. As a standard are assays done at km of ATP. For a subset of kinases assays can be done at 1 mM ATP. Another option is pre-incubation of compounds with kinase.

Cellular Kinase Profiling, Screening and Assays

Our cellular kinase assays comprises a tyrosine kinase assay panel and a cellular phosphorylation assay suitable for tyrosine as well as serine/threonine kinases.

Furthermore we offer NanoBRETTM intracellular kinase assays as a service.

Detection of Protein-Protein Interaction

To study protein-protein interaction we use a split luciferase complementation assay. This enables detection of various types of PPIs, including GPCRs. In addition to already established cell lines, we develop stable transfected cell lines to detect specific PPIs of your interest.