Biochemical Kinase Profiling and Screening

Kinase Screening & Profiling Service

We are offering a Panel of more than 300 validated protein kinase targets, including disease-relevant kinase mutants. All assays use human kinases made in-house and biologically relevant substrates.
Features of our profiling and screening assays:

  • Massive Kinome Coverage
  • Activity-Based Profiling & Screening
  • Confirm your results at higher ATP concentrations to identify potential Type II/III inhibitors
  • Build your own panel or consider our unique Pre-selected panels.
  • Our Mobility Shift Assay Platform measures kinase activity efficiently and effectively.

Our regular service assays at an ATP concentration of approximating Km. As a second option for a subset of kinases we can perform assays at 1 mM ATP and offer thereby:

  • Assessment of inhibitory potency and selectivity which may vary with the concentration of ATP available
  • Determination of mode of action of an inhibitor, i.e. distinguishing between type I and type II or III inhibitors
  • Approaching physiological ATP levels and providing insight to in vivo pharmacological behavior of an inhibitor
  • Possibility to screen for inhibitors that are non-competitive for the ATP binding site

Furthermore, we offer a Pre-incubation service suitable for certain classes of kinase inhibitors with slow binding kinetics. Kinase and test compound(s) are pre-incubated at room temperature for 30 minutes before the kinase reaction starts.

Lipid Kinase Screening & Profiling Service

For Lipid kinase screening and profiling we use the ADP-Glo™ assay platform.